Natural Beef

We are currently taking orders for 2024 fall delivery.  Please click here to order. 
We raise all of our steers on good quality grass pastures, then depending on customer requests we finish our beef solely on grass, or on a custom finish using an all natural grain mix that has no additives or preservatives. We feel that we have a superior product that is reasonably priced.

Processing is done by Malapai Meat Packing. This plant is licensed and each animal is inspected by the State of Arizona at the time of processing. If you have a specific processor you would like to use other than Malapai or any other requests, please let us know when you order and we can make those arrangements. When you place an order you will be provided with a “Cutting Card” to determine how you would like your beef cut, if you are unsure, we can provide you with help on those decisions. Please understand that there will be some weight loss from the aging process, as well as cutting loss during processing.

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A deposit of $100.00 is required upon ordering.

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