Principle Members

Larry and Dianne HollandBoth Larry and Dianne are native Arizonans. Both were introduced at an early age to the ranching life. His parents were partners with Datre Creek Ranch and Pipeline Ranches off hwy 97 between Wickenburg and Kingman. These ranches were sold in the early 1964. Dianne’s grandfather, William Bourdon owned the largest ranching operation in Navajo County, the Bourdon Ranch, in Navajo County from the 1940’s to the early 1970s. Larry worked as a wildlife biologist/state law enforcement officer with the Arizona Game and Fish Department for 26 years, retiring in the fall of 2000. Dianne continues to work as an office manager in Snowflake. Both enjoy the outdoors, camping, traveling, raising cattle, and spending as much time as they can with their 4 granddaughters and grandson. They have lived on the ranch in Taylor for 35 years.

Jay and Natalie Rominger

Jay and Natalie grew up in Flagstaff, AZ. They both graduated from Northern Arizona University,  Jay with a degree in Biology and Natalie with a degree in Elementary Education. Today Natalie is a retired 5/6th grade teacher at a private Christian school after almost 20 years in the public school system.  Jay is a retired 25 year Special Agent with the FBI. They love to spend time on the ranch and with their 5 grandchildren.  Jay, Natalie and their 2 children, Nicole and Zachary became involved in the beef business when Jay was stationed in Northern California with the FBI. Jay, Nicole and Zachary worked on various cattle operations almost every weekend. Later Jay was transferred to New Mexico where the Rominger family had a small ranch, feed lot and hay farm.  Nicole and Zachary became very involved in 4-H and FFA, showing cattle in many county and state fairs. Later after Jay was again transferred to the White Mountains of AZ he met Larry and he got involved in the Holland’s cattle operation. The Rominger’s are proud to have been involved in agriculture, 4-H and FFA while raising their children and now are excited about their partnership with the Holland’s raising top quality, all natural, hormone free beef. The Rominger’s hope you enjoy AZ All Natural Beef as much as they love teaching/raising their next generation of Rominger’s around the family business.