Quarter Circle H Angus LLC was established in 1985 as Quarter Circle H Farm and raised Holstein Replacement Heifers and alfalfa hay. A strong interest in animal genetics initiated the change from Holsteins to Angus cattle in 1996. After spending a little over a year learning Angus genetics, EPDs and traveling around the country looking at a lot of fine Angus cattle and talking to breeders, we finally purchased our foundation herd of 10 females from Mark and Abby Nelson of 5                                                                                      Star Land and Livestock, Wilton CA.

Since purchasing our foundation herd of registered Angus to produce our seedstock cattle, we have focused on breeding our females to balanced AI and herd sires that provide genetics to improve calving ease, growth, carcass and efficiency. We have seen first hand, through our enrollment in the American Angus Associations AHIR program, www.angus.org the value of paying attention to EPD data and selecting traits that improve cattle                                                                                               genetics, not only to our herd but to the                                                                                             herds of our customers.

Our natural beef program is designed to provide the comsumer with an all natrual product, that is not given any additional hormon impants or shots, antibiotic feeds, or artificial ingredients to the finished product. We raise all of our beef to fit your needs and can sell either grass finished beef or grain finished beef.

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