photo Some friends of ours took some people from Norway to Red Devil and they tried our beef and apparently thought it was the best beef they have ever had.

“Hey guys, last year’s beef was extremely tasty and we would like to order again next year!!”
Nikki K., Flagstaff, AZ

“We have ordered Quarter Circle H beef for 4 years now. It is a fantastic product and we will keep coming back year after year.”
Jim M., Flagstaff, AZ

“Yes, sign us up for half a steer please, you have our deposit from last year to carry forward … can’t wait, we love the beef!”
The Rices, Flagstaff, AZ

“The beef is very juicy and tender A+++!! If happy cows come from California then happy steers come from your ranch. This guy must have been the happiest steer; even his tough parts are tender. His fat content may be limited, but it has no bearing on the flavor. Please contact us for next year. Thank you!!”
Angie and Joe Phoenix, AZ

“I have been meaning to send you a message about the beef. It has been great so far. When I loaded the freezer I found that I put all the steaks and roasts on the bottom and the hamburger on the top. So far I have had a cube steak and hamburgers. They have been great and flavorful. I need to reload the freezer to get me some of the roasts! The meat filled my freezer to the top, so I have a lot of work to do.”
Cas and Jeanna, Snowflake, AZ