Bull & Heifer Information

The focus of our registerd herd program is to develop bulls and heifers for both the registered breeder and the comerial cattleman. We are members of the American Angus Association www.angus.com and heavily involved in their Angus Herd Improvement Records Program (AHIR). Our base herd undergoes genetic testing whenever necessary to make sure our seedstock are not cariers of the genetic defects AM and NH. For information on these genetic defects please see the appropriate link in our News and Articles section.

In addition to the normal collection of data for Birth Weight (BW), Weaning Weight (WW), and Yearling weight (YW) on every calf, we also collect data on carcass EPS by ultrasounding all of our bull calves every year. That way we have real time data to help us keep our carcass improvement program on track. Our basic sire selection process in order of selection importance is: Calving ease BW, Growth WW and YW – Marbling ability – Ribeye Area – $ENG – Milk – Scrotal.  While all of the inheritable traits are considered, these are selected for.